About us

Dustin and I met in December 2000 and became friends really fast. In February 2001 we had our 1st date and by March we decided to be more than friends. We had our first daughter Arianna in June 2003 and got married in March of 2004. In November 2004 we had our second daughter Riley-Anne.  We had our big church wedding in May 2006 and got a surprise after we came back from our honeymoon, we found out we were pregnant again with baby #3!!! Nicholas-Aiden was born in February 2007 and we are so excited to finally have a little boy in our family.  October 2008 we purchased our 1st home around the corner from my parents, which has been a blessing because they are always around when we need a babysitter =)  In February 2009 we welcomed our fourth child and 3rd daughter Laci Claire.  She is such a joy, but is also a drama queen and huge Daddy’s girl!!!  Finally in July 2011 we have our fifth child and 2nd baby boy Connor Matthew.  He has been the perfect little boy and is always such a happy baby.  We are incredibly blessed with our children, each other and our extended family.

We love to go on vacations and take trips to Disneyland! Every morning when all the kids wake up they always seem to end up in our bed 😀 I love being a stay-at-home mom and being able to watch my kids grow and raise them on my own is a dream come true. I always knew that when I had kids I would stay home with them and Dustin is such a great husband and father for working hard and allowing me to do so.

Our Beautiful Family 😀


3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Beth-
    I went through all 24 web pages. WOW!!! I’m so proud of you. You are a GREAT mommy. I wish there were moms like you in the world. Beautiful, just beautiful…keep it up.

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