I GOT INTO GATE (a.k.a. Gifted and Talented Education)!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I found out I got excepted into G.A.T.E!  I was super excited and I remembered that Daddy promised me he would get me something if I got in.  But,instead of buying me something (a D.S), they said I got to pick a restaurant and chose if I wanted to eat with just them or with the whole family.  I haven’t picked or done it yet though.  But, I just got accepted, so I didn’t get in for sure.  I had a lottery number which was 99 and they had to make sure they had enough room in the class in order for me to be chosen.   And if there is enough room, I get in.

Today, when Mommy picked me up, Mikayla (one of my best friends) started jumping up and down screaming “YES!”, right after her mom whispered something in her ear.  Her mom told her that she got into GATE.  I felt sad because I didn’t get told that I got in =(   And when I got home, BOOM!  Right there was a letter with my name on it, Arianna Siruno.  And guess what?  They pulled MY NUMBER!!!!!!!  I’m so excited and I can’t hide it!  I can’t wait to go.  But, I will also miss my friends.  I’ll always make new ones, though! =D


3 thoughts on “I GOT INTO GATE (a.k.a. Gifted and Talented Education)!!!!!!

  1. ARI!!! Congratulations!! We are so proud of you! You’ve always been super smart, so we’re
    not surprised that you were accepted 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about all the things you’ll be learning and doing in GATE! We love you!!

  2. We are sooo proud of you Ari!!! You’re such a smart girl, we can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I love reading your blogs, keep them coming =)

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