My 10th Birthday!!!!!

I turned 10 on June 11,2013! Yay me, I can’t believe I am already 10! I had an AWESOME Hunger Games themed party (Mommy will post about that). So on my actual birthday we had my favorite for breakfast, crepes with nutella and bananas! It was soooo good. I swear I had like 6 of them! In the afternoon we went swimming while Daddy made his famous (and delicious) BBQ chicken! It was so fun being at the house having fun with my family. I enjoyed my day very much!


Winning a Coloring Contest for the 2nd time!!!

This  year  I  won  the  2012  Easter Coloring Contest  (in my age group).   It  was  the 2nd time because  I  won a coloring contest because I also won a coloring contest  in kindergarten. My prize was  $10 for the Book Fair. This time my prize was two $5 gift cards from McDonalds ,  a free Happy Meal from McDonalds , a Yummy chocolate bunny , and a trophy. I am so happy that I won. Mommy said that I should have drawn a sun and a background and then I would have won for sure, but I won without drawing extras( the sun and background ). I just love coloring!!!!

I GOT INTO GATE (a.k.a. Gifted and Talented Education)!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I found out I got excepted into G.A.T.E!  I was super excited and I remembered that Daddy promised me he would get me something if I got in.  But,instead of buying me something (a D.S), they said I got to pick a restaurant and chose if I wanted to eat with just them or with the whole family.  I haven’t picked or done it yet though.  But, I just got accepted, so I didn’t get in for sure.  I had a lottery number which was 99 and they had to make sure they had enough room in the class in order for me to be chosen.   And if there is enough room, I get in.

Today, when Mommy picked me up, Mikayla (one of my best friends) started jumping up and down screaming “YES!”, right after her mom whispered something in her ear.  Her mom told her that she got into GATE.  I felt sad because I didn’t get told that I got in =(   And when I got home, BOOM!  Right there was a letter with my name on it, Arianna Siruno.  And guess what?  They pulled MY NUMBER!!!!!!!  I’m so excited and I can’t hide it!  I can’t wait to go.  But, I will also miss my friends.  I’ll always make new ones, though! =D

My Birthday

My birthday was a pool party.  Jaeleigh,Jaron,Sophia,Mikayla,Anniliese, and Chasidy came.   Isabella and Layla were supposed to come.  We swam in my pool.  Jaeleigh can swim in the deep end without a life vest!  She went down the white slide 15 times!  I jumped in the pool for my second time.  The flavor of my cake was Rainbow Chip and we had Strawberry cupcakes.  I  had ice cream, too.  My birthday was fun!

The Easter Party

To celebrate Easter,we had a Easter party.   A lot of people came.  Auntie, Luke, Auntie Jacquie, Jaime, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Irwin and Auntie Leslee, Uncle Carl and my whole family were at the Easter party.  Uncle Irwin and Auntie Leslee brought their little dog named Armani,but we call him Mani.  We put on a show.  The show we put on was Disney on Ice.  On the Mickey scene,I was Minnie Mouse and Nicky was Micky Mouse.   On the Cars scene,I was Sally the blue car,Nicky was Lighting Mcqeen the red racing car and Riley was Flo the green and white car who works at a gas store.  On the Lion King scene,I was Nala and Nicky was Simba.  On the Little Mermaid scene,I was Ariel,Nicky was Flounder and Riley was a little dolphin named Sparkles.  On the Tinker Bell scene,I was a Water Talent girl fairy named Silver Mist,Nicky was a Pixie Dust Talent boy fairy named Terrence and Riley was a Tinker Talent girl fairy named Tinker Bell. It was the funnest party ever!