Connor and Zach’s 1st Birthday party!!!

Since Connor and my nephew are only two weeks apart we decided to have a joint 1st birthday party so all our family and friends didn’t have to come to two parties so close to each other.  We wanted something that would go good with their birthdays being in the summer so we did a Mickey and friends beach party theme!

Sign on the front door


My sister and I both wanted to make banners to show their monthly pictures.  My sister put my nephews pictures on beach balls



And I put Connor’s monthly pictures on surfboards.  You can also see the bucket favors that the kids got.


Other favors we had were the Honolulu Cookie Company Cookies from Hawaii


Dessert area set up for our babies


Happy Birthday banner


Yummy treats in buckets to go along with the theme


The backyard and centerpieces we made


Little pool to hold the drinks


Set -up in my sisters backyard for the babies to play in


My backyard with most of the bigger kids


Close up of the cakes


And these are the delicious pineapple and banana cupcakes my Aunt made


Singing Happy Birthday to these handsome baby boys


Also, inside was a photo booth area with props for everyone to take pictures at


Close up of our sign and props


Some photo booth fun!!!




And pretty baby Elena!!


Happy Happy 1st Birthday to my baby Connor!!!  I hope you enjoyed your party even though you were napping through most of it =)



Celebrating Connor’s 1st Birthday

For Connor’s 1st Birthday we decided to take him to the CA Academy of Science in San Francisco.  My Mom, my brother Jaime and my cousin Francis came along too =)

Family picture in front for the museum


One of the first things we saw when we got there was the dinosaur.  The kids call him Rexy like the dinosaur from the movie Night at the Museum.


Next we went to check out the Earthquake exhibit!  Lots of people don’t like earthquakes, but I think they are pretty cool.  The kids loved going in the stimulator so they could feel what a real earthquake would feel like.

The last big earthquake was on my birthday!


Family picture we took before going in the earthquake exhibit.  I love how everyone is acting scared, but Laci actually looks very concerned hahaha


After we walked around and saw a couple of animals.

Here’s the famous albino alligator


Connor found a snake that was actually playing with him, going back and forth across the glass.


Then we headed to the Rainforest dome which was very hot and humid!   There were also lots of butterflies flying around which freaked me out =/

Family picture before heading into the rainforest


Then we headed to the roof to see the “living roofs”


Next up was the aquarium section.  Connor’s favorite part =)

Here he is checking out the jellyfish


He loved watching all the fish swim by


Inside the tunnel are he just sat there and looked at all the fish swimming around him =)


Another family picture before exiting the aquarium area


After we were done at the museum we went to go visit my grandparents at the cemetery before heading home


When we got home everyone came over to sing him Happy Birthday and to have some cake and ice cream.


Happy 1st Birthday my baby boy Connor!!!!!  We love you so much and we’re so happy we have you to complete our family.  You’ve brought so much joy to our lives and we couldn’t imagine our lives without you ❤

Funderland with Emily

Some friends of ours that moved to Florida came back to visit so we met them at Funderland in Sacramento!

Here’s a picture of all the kids


It was fun to see them again and the kids had so much fun going on all the rides!

The kids riding on the roller coaster.  I love the expressions on all their faces =)


Then we rode on the carousel


The kids like driving the cars


And then they went on the teacups.  I can not ride these spinning rides anymore =/


It was very hot so the kids went on the water log ride


Then we decided to ride the train so everyone could ride at the same time


Look how cute these two are =)


It was soooooo hot so we got all the kids sno cones, which made them very happy!


And the girls took turns spraying each other with the water bottles I brought =)


After riding some other rides and going on all the rides over and over again the kids started getting hungry so we went to go eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was so good and we’ve never been there before.  The kids loved the decor of the place, especially the train cars inside the restaurant.  Before leaving we got one more picture of all the kids =)


Can’t wait to see you guys again soon =)

Marshmallow Fight!!!

Dustin was having a rough couple days at work so the kids decided to do something fun so that when he came home all the stress about work would just disappear 😉  While on Pinterest I saw the idea of a marshmallow fight and I just knew the kids would LOVE the idea.  We got the kids ready with their bags of marshmallows

And made a sign that Daddy would see as soon as he got home

And from the moment he walked in it was pure craziness!  The kids and Dustin had such an awesome time doing it though =)

Here’s our video of the marshmallow fight =)

Connor is 9 months old

My little man is now 9 months old!  He is growing so quickly and is trying to start walking already!  He is taking steps here and there, but I try to stop him because I don’t want him to grow up =(  He loves his older brother and thinks he is the funniest guy ever.  Always tries to follow him around and do what he does =)


Cordelia Egg Hunt

We attended the annual Cordelia Egg Hunt and this year was their 25th year doing it!!!  I’ve been going to this egg hunt since I was little and I love bringing the kids here as well.  They have two areas, one for the older kids and one for kids 5 and under.  This year Dustin had to work so my parents and younger brother came with me, along with my sister and her family.  My younger brother went with Ari, Riley and Nick to the older kid area and I took Laci to the little kid area while my parents watched Connor.

Here’s my little Laci waiting for the fire truck to honk the horn so the egg hunt can start

Look at her go =)

After the egg hunt, Laci and I went over to the big kid area so she could show her siblings her goodies

Here are the kids with a couple of her friends

The kids with cousin Lukey

The kids and a couple Easter Bunnies

The kids with cousin Zach

The older kids trading their candies

Connor exploring in the grass =)