My 10th Birthday!!!!!

I turned 10 on June 11,2013! Yay me, I can’t believe I am already 10! I had an AWESOME Hunger Games themed party (Mommy will post about that). So on my actual birthday we had my favorite for breakfast, crepes with nutella and bananas! It was soooo good. I swear I had like 6 of them! In the afternoon we went swimming while Daddy made his famous (and delicious) BBQ chicken! It was so fun being at the house having fun with my family. I enjoyed my day very much!


Funderland with Emily

Some friends of ours that moved to Florida came back to visit so we met them at Funderland in Sacramento!

Here’s a picture of all the kids


It was fun to see them again and the kids had so much fun going on all the rides!

The kids riding on the roller coaster.  I love the expressions on all their faces =)


Then we rode on the carousel


The kids like driving the cars


And then they went on the teacups.  I can not ride these spinning rides anymore =/


It was very hot so the kids went on the water log ride


Then we decided to ride the train so everyone could ride at the same time


Look how cute these two are =)


It was soooooo hot so we got all the kids sno cones, which made them very happy!


And the girls took turns spraying each other with the water bottles I brought =)


After riding some other rides and going on all the rides over and over again the kids started getting hungry so we went to go eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was so good and we’ve never been there before.  The kids loved the decor of the place, especially the train cars inside the restaurant.  Before leaving we got one more picture of all the kids =)


Can’t wait to see you guys again soon =)

Arianna’s 9th Glamping Party

For her 9th birthday Arianna wanted to have a glamping party!  We were planning on having the girls sleep in our tent overnight in the backyard.  But of course the Cordelia winds ruined that plan and Plan B happened in our dining room!  It was a tight fit, but our huge tent fit in the dining room =)IMG_0021

Arianna decided to set up her sleeping area and brought some games and books for the girls to play and read during the sleepover


For her favors we made little s’mores packs and had chocolate bars
IMG_0006 (2)

IMG_0007 (2)

We also set up a “make your own trail mix” station where the girls got to make trail mix to bring home


My favorite part about this party was her cute little cake!  I ordered it from a bakery in Vacaville and it was exactly what she wanted!


Of course I made cupcakes for the girls since I didn’t want to cut this super cute cake =)


We also had a s’mores station because you can’t have a camping party without making s’mores!!!


Ari and friends waiting outside while we got the fire going for the s’mores


Toasting some marshmallows =)


After the s’mores we came in and had even more sugar!  It was cake and present time!


Before I told the kids it was getting late and almost time for bed, I handed out glow bracelets and necklaces for everyone!


I don’t know what time they fell asleep, but I know they were up pretty late!  But that’s the fun in sleepovers =)  The next morning we had a yummy breakfast with all her friends that spent the night.


I was exhausted, but at least the girls had a lot of fun!  Can’t wait to see what theme she picks for her 10th birthday next year =/

Arianna’s 9th Birthday

This year we celebrated Ari’s 9th Birthday after Riley’s Swan Lake performance since everyone was already together.  After the play everyone came over to our house for dinner and cake and ice cream for our big baby girl!!!  This year for her birthday since she was going to be going to a new school that was farther away, we decided to get her a phone so that if she ever needed to get a hold of us she could.  Or if we were running late then we would be able to call her.

Here she is with her new phone!

We asked Ari what else she wanted for her birthday and she requested swimming, Daddy’s bbq chicken and pancit.  So we had to give her what she wanted 😉
Here she is after swimming and enjoying her food

And with her birthday cupcakes that she helped make =)  She’s such a good girl!!!

Last day of school 2012

I can’t believe how fast this school year went by!  The kids had a lot of fun this year, loved their teachers and made a lot of new friends!!!  This year is also Ari’s last day of school at Cordelia Hills forever since she will now be going to K.I. Jones to be part of the GATE program.

Here’s my baby girl at her last day at CH and her last day as a 3rd grader!!!

And here are my two girls.  Riley’s last day as a 2nd grader and Ari’s last day as a 3rd grader

Ari before class started with her friends and classmates

Riley before class started with her friends and classmates

After school I came a little early to get pictures on them with friends

Jamye, Riley and Mia

Lauren, Mia and Ari

And the whole gang of friends

School field day 2012

Every year at the girls school they have field day during the last week of school.  It just a day when the kids can have fun playing games before the end of the year is over.  Every year Dustin or I try to help so with the classes or we just come to take pictures.  This time it was just me because Dustin had to work, but I did try my best to get pictures of each girl even though they were going through the stations at the same time.  Riley’s class had started upstairs on the field and Ari’s class started downstairs on the blacktop so I had to keep running up and down to keep up with them both =/  So here are some pictures of the girls as they enjoy their field day!

Riley going through the obstacle course

Riley playing a water game

And Riley trying to throw the frisbee into a net

Riley with some friends

Here’s Ari going through the obstacle course

This one is kinda far, but you can see Ari cheering because she got 3 in a row for the tossing tic tac toe game =)

And Ari doing tug of war

And last but not least here’s Ari and some friends

Field day was a lot of fun this year and we can’t wait to do it again next year!!!

Marshmallow Fight!!!

Dustin was having a rough couple days at work so the kids decided to do something fun so that when he came home all the stress about work would just disappear 😉  While on Pinterest I saw the idea of a marshmallow fight and I just knew the kids would LOVE the idea.  We got the kids ready with their bags of marshmallows

And made a sign that Daddy would see as soon as he got home

And from the moment he walked in it was pure craziness!  The kids and Dustin had such an awesome time doing it though =)

Here’s our video of the marshmallow fight =)