Funderland with Emily

Some friends of ours that moved to Florida came back to visit so we met them at Funderland in Sacramento!

Here’s a picture of all the kids


It was fun to see them again and the kids had so much fun going on all the rides!

The kids riding on the roller coaster.  I love the expressions on all their faces =)


Then we rode on the carousel


The kids like driving the cars


And then they went on the teacups.  I can not ride these spinning rides anymore =/


It was very hot so the kids went on the water log ride


Then we decided to ride the train so everyone could ride at the same time


Look how cute these two are =)


It was soooooo hot so we got all the kids sno cones, which made them very happy!


And the girls took turns spraying each other with the water bottles I brought =)


After riding some other rides and going on all the rides over and over again the kids started getting hungry so we went to go eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was so good and we’ve never been there before.  The kids loved the decor of the place, especially the train cars inside the restaurant.  Before leaving we got one more picture of all the kids =)


Can’t wait to see you guys again soon =)


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