Quick Tahoe trip 2012

Dustin found out he had two consecutive days off in a row and since the kids were on summer vacation we decided that we should go somewhere or do something.  The kids ended up choosing Lake Tahoe because we’ve only gone in the winter and have never gone in the summer.  So we checked Dustin’s parents timeshare to see if we could find any rooms and we found one opening!  So Lake Tahoe it was =)

We left early in the morning on July 5th and drove straight to Emerald Bay


From there we hiked down to Vikingsholm castle and Eagle Falls


On the hike down we found a baby waterfall

IMG_0021Once we got to the bottom we walked around Vikingsholm and then found somewhere to sit and have a snack before heading to Eagle Falls


After we rested for a bit and ate some snacks we started our hike to Eagle Falls.  It was already starting to get hot so the kids didn’t want to hike too much farther.  Here they are taking a break before getting to the falls


We only hiked to the bottom half of the waterfalls and decided to head back up to the car.  On the way back up the mountain we saw this pretty view and decided to stop for a picture.

t was starting to get very warm so we headed down to the lake for some swimming before checking into our timeshare.  This was our little set up at the lake.  We got a spot next a picnic table so we could eat our packed lunch there and Connor and I relaxed in the shade of our little tent =)


The water was freezing!  But the kids seemed to enjoy it =)


Finally got a picture of me and my babies =)


Dustin was brave enough to get into the cold water with the kids and they had so much fun with him!!!

Daddy and his girls

Connor didn’t like the cold water so he hung out mostly in the shaded tent or sitting with me on the sand.

Nick keeping Connor company since he didn’t want to get in the water.

I love this picture of Dustin and his biggest baby girl

And another one with Dustin and his littlest baby boy Connor!


Before we left we found someone to take a family picture of us all and it actually turned out pretty good with all the kids looking =)


After swimming for a couple hours we decided it was time to head to the timeshare to check in, get washed up and get dinner ready.  When we got there the kids were so excited about picking the beds they were sleeping in.  We got all the kids showered and cleaned up before eating dinner.  Then we got ready for bed.

Riley and Nick love sleeping in the “wall bed” lol


And Laci and Ari slept in the twin beds room


The next day we planned to go to Taylor Creek Visitor Center and hopefully see some salmon and other fish.  Then we were going to head to the lake again for more swimming before heading back home.  But first we had to have breakfast =)  Here are the girls eating pancakes, eggs and bacon while the boys finished getting ready.


Arriving at Taylor Creek


We found someone to take a family picture of us again on the trail


Taking a picture break before heading into the mini aquarium


Inside the mini aquarium you can see all types of fish that swim in Lake Tahoe


Connor loved seeing the fish and could have stayed standing there all day if we let him.


But before we left we also had the kids do the Smokey the Bear trail so they could become Jr. Rangers


Then it was time to head to the lake again since it was staring to get hot once more.  Connor was exhausted from all the hiking we did so he took a nice long nap in out tent while the kids enjoyed swimming.


The kids had a blast in the water once again, even if the water was freezing cold =/

It was such a fun mini vacation and even though we didn’t stay very long we still had a lot of fun!!!


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