Father’s Day 2012

Celebrating Father’s Day once again to honor the man who is the most amazing father to our kids, who works hard everyday to support us, feed us and put a roof above our heads.  Who works so much overtime so that I can stay home with the kids and does it all without complaints.  He is what makes our family work and we LOVE him for it!  This year I found lots of gift ideas on pintrest and since we couldn’t pick just one gift we decided to do a couple ones.

First thing in the morning the kids wanted to give Daddy his presents!

Nick got him a trophy for being the best BBQ’er


Riley gave him his Disney “Dadpasses”


Close up of the “Dadpasses”


Laci wanted to give his book we made


Close up of the pages each kid made (I’m going to have to make Connor do his in a couple years when he can draw and answer the questions)





We also made him a big candy card, which Arianna gave him =)


And this is a picture of my most favorite people in the world.  Happy Father’s Day Dustin!  We LOVE you so much and appreciate everything you do for us



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