Arianna’s 9th Glamping Party

For her 9th birthday Arianna wanted to have a glamping party!  We were planning on having the girls sleep in our tent overnight in the backyard.  But of course the Cordelia winds ruined that plan and Plan B happened in our dining room!  It was a tight fit, but our huge tent fit in the dining room =)IMG_0021

Arianna decided to set up her sleeping area and brought some games and books for the girls to play and read during the sleepover


For her favors we made little s’mores packs and had chocolate bars
IMG_0006 (2)

IMG_0007 (2)

We also set up a “make your own trail mix” station where the girls got to make trail mix to bring home


My favorite part about this party was her cute little cake!  I ordered it from a bakery in Vacaville and it was exactly what she wanted!


Of course I made cupcakes for the girls since I didn’t want to cut this super cute cake =)


We also had a s’mores station because you can’t have a camping party without making s’mores!!!


Ari and friends waiting outside while we got the fire going for the s’mores


Toasting some marshmallows =)


After the s’mores we came in and had even more sugar!  It was cake and present time!


Before I told the kids it was getting late and almost time for bed, I handed out glow bracelets and necklaces for everyone!


I don’t know what time they fell asleep, but I know they were up pretty late!  But that’s the fun in sleepovers =)  The next morning we had a yummy breakfast with all her friends that spent the night.


I was exhausted, but at least the girls had a lot of fun!  Can’t wait to see what theme she picks for her 10th birthday next year =/


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