School field day 2012

Every year at the girls school they have field day during the last week of school.  It just a day when the kids can have fun playing games before the end of the year is over.  Every year Dustin or I try to help so with the classes or we just come to take pictures.  This time it was just me because Dustin had to work, but I did try my best to get pictures of each girl even though they were going through the stations at the same time.  Riley’s class had started upstairs on the field and Ari’s class started downstairs on the blacktop so I had to keep running up and down to keep up with them both =/  So here are some pictures of the girls as they enjoy their field day!

Riley going through the obstacle course

Riley playing a water game

And Riley trying to throw the frisbee into a net

Riley with some friends

Here’s Ari going through the obstacle course

This one is kinda far, but you can see Ari cheering because she got 3 in a row for the tossing tic tac toe game =)

And Ari doing tug of war

And last but not least here’s Ari and some friends

Field day was a lot of fun this year and we can’t wait to do it again next year!!!


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