Riley’s 1st Giants Game

Riley was lucky enough to attend her 1st Giants game with Uncle David, Uncle Jon and cousin Luke.  Auntie was supposed to go with them, but cousin Zach had a fever and wasn’t feeling too well so she had to stay home and take care of him.  No one else could go because everyone was working so they asked our kids if anyone wanted to go and Riley really wanted to go.  She was very excited to go and borrowed Nick’s Giants stuff to wear to the game.

Here she is with cousin Luke and Uncle Jon as they walk to AT&T park

Riley in front of the park with her ticket =)

Here she is with Luke and Uncle David watching the Giants warm up

They also took her to go get a certificate for attending her 1st game!

She was also spoiled by her Uncles!  They bought her a bat, a Giants pez dispenser, a Giants build-a-bear outfit, cotton candy and some other goodies!  She LOVED going with them!!!

Thank you so much Uncle David and Uncle Jon for bringing Riley along and thank you Auntie for letting her take your ticket!  Hopefully we will be able to go to more games that she can enjoy =)


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