Riley’s 1st Communtion

Today Riley had her 1st Communion at our church.  She’s been looking forward to this day since Ari had her 1st Communion last year 😉  She was so excited and happy!  Auntie Jacquie took her shopping a couple weeks beforehand to buy her a communion dress.  She looked so pretty and grown up in her dress.  All our family came to see her on her special day!

Here she is before church started with some pretty flowers that were in the church

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Betty Jo who she loved as a teacher =)

We couldn’t really take any picture during church because it was a regular mass.  But here are more pictures taken after the mass ended.
Our family

Godmother Auntie Jacquie (Thank you again for buying her the dress)

Godfather Uncle Joston and his wife Auntie Ana

Auntie Katrina and cousins Luke and Zach

Papa and Jaime (Mama was out of town)

Grandpa and Grandma

Riley with all her siblings who were so proud of her!

And Riley with Father Downey who also performed her baptism and conformation

Riley in front of the church before we left

After mass everyone came over to our house to have lunch and celebrate with Riley.  And since it was a nice day the kids also decided to go swimming!  Here is Riley with the cake that her and I made.  And she decorated it =)


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