Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we celebrated by first heading to church with the family.

After we headed to my sisters house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  I made a chocolate cake before church for the party and the girls decorated it at my sister’s house.  They are really growing up!

Here’s Connor’s at his first Easter with a gift from Mama and Papa

Baby Elena even came to the party to celebrate her first Easter also.  My Mom made her the beanie for her Easter gift =)

After everyone had lunch we went outside to hide the eggs

First we let the little kids go out before the big kids grabbed everything.  So it was Laci, Luke, Dylan and Zach.  (Connor was taking his nap already)
Look how cute Dylan was in her Easter outfit =D

Then it was time for the big kids to go

Riley going for the hidden eggs

My brother on Zooey duty so that she wouldn’t chase the kids or eat the candy and eggs

The Auntie’s hanging outside watching the kids hunt for eggs

After all the eggs and candy were collected we got a group picture of all the kids.  (minus Connor who was still napping)

And of course my sister’s and I with our matching shirts

It was a great day of hanging out with the family and celebrating Easter.  I am so thankful for my beautiful family and most of all my amazing kids ❤


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