Nick’s 1st T-ball game of the 2012 season

This little league season was supposed to start March 17th, but because of the rain they already had to cancel three games.  Nick’s team wasn’t originally scheduled to play this day, but it was a make-up game.  Nick was getting excited and wanted to play a game already!  Here’s my little man as he gets ready to bat for the first time of the season =)

Up to bat and ready to hit the ball hard!!!

Whenever he gets on base he always looks for me and waves =)

Look at him ready to run to second base!!!
 Here he is in right field
Caught a ground ball and is throwing it to first base!
Here he is up to bat again

Look at my cute little 3rd baseman!

I didn’t want to bring the other kids to the game because it was Laci and Connor’s naptime and Ari and Riley wanted to stay home so my Mom was nice enough to stay home with them.  But my Dad and brother came out to watch his 1st game.

Dustin’s parents also came to watch Nick
He has another game scheduled for this Sat so hopefully it stays dry =)


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