Cordelia Egg Hunt

We attended the annual Cordelia Egg Hunt and this year was their 25th year doing it!!!  I’ve been going to this egg hunt since I was little and I love bringing the kids here as well.  They have two areas, one for the older kids and one for kids 5 and under.  This year Dustin had to work so my parents and younger brother came with me, along with my sister and her family.  My younger brother went with Ari, Riley and Nick to the older kid area and I took Laci to the little kid area while my parents watched Connor.

Here’s my little Laci waiting for the fire truck to honk the horn so the egg hunt can start

Look at her go =)

After the egg hunt, Laci and I went over to the big kid area so she could show her siblings her goodies

Here are the kids with a couple of her friends

The kids with cousin Lukey

The kids and a couple Easter Bunnies

The kids with cousin Zach

The older kids trading their candies

Connor exploring in the grass =)


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