Dying Easter Eggs 2012

On Friday the kids had a couple friends over to dye Easter eggs.  I set up a couple stations for the kids, we had a shaving cream station, a glitter dot station, rubber band station, sticker station and a regular dying station.  The kids had a blast doing the different kind of things with the eggs.  I found most of these ideas on Pinterest 😉

Our egg dying station

Brandon, Nick and Layla getting started on the eggs

Mia and Ari starting off with the shaving cream eggs

My crazy Riley

Baby Laci at the glitter dot station

Nick trying out the shaving cream eggs

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to because I was helping the kids make their own eggs.  But I did get some pictures of the kids finished projects =)

Here’s some of the glitter dot eggs

These were the eggs where the kids used stickers and crayons before dipping them in the dye

These eggs had rubber bands wrapped around them before putting them in the dye to leave some designs.  Then the kids added stickers to them as well.

And last but not least the shaving cream eggs.  The kids had the most fun with this one although it can get a bit messy =)

The kids had fun and hopefully next year I can get more photos!!!!


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