Mini vacation to Lake Tahoe

I was looking at our family calender trying to plan out the kids spring break activities and noticed that Dustin had two consecutive days off!  Since they were on break and Dustin was off as well I wanted to take a mini family vacation.  We narrowed down our choices to either Monterey or Lake Tahoe.  We let the kids decide and they all chose Lake Tahoe =)  So I researched places and found Soda Springs had a little area dedicated to just kids called Planet Kids!  It was $25 per child but it included tubing, skiing, snowboarding and a couple other kids activities that they had.  I thought that was a great price considering other places charged for admission then also charged for renting snowboarding/skiing equipment.  First thing the kids wanted to do was go on the Tubing Carousel.  This was pretty much like a regular carousel, except instead of horses the kids sat on tubes and got pulled on the snow.





Laci LOVED the tubing carousel =)

There was also a Snow Mountain that the kids kept trying to climb, but they never made it to the top because it was too slippery.

 But there was one that made it to the top!!!

Look how happy she looks =)

Next it was time for tubing down the hill.  Doesn’t Laci look adorable pulling her tube up the hill?!

Here are all the kids going down the hill one by one!




They went tubbing for awhile then Riley and Nick decided that they wanted to try skiing and snowboarding!  So they went to get some gear and came back looking as cute as EVER!!!

Nick practicing how to go down the hill while keeping his balance.  There was also a worker that was giving him some tips.

And Dustin was trying to help Riley learn how to ski

They also had a cute little conveyor belt type thing that the kids went on to go up the hill.  Here’s Dustin giving Nick some tips as they go up.

Look who’s doing it all by herself!!!!!  She was great at balancing……………must be from all her ballet 😉

Look who else is doing GREAT!!

Serious face……… LOL

Daddy and Nick hanging out at the bottom of the hill taking a break

While Dustin was teaching Riley and Nick how to ski and snowboard, Connor woke up and I put him on the snow for the first time.

He wasn’t too pleased =(  Also, while Dustin was with the other two kids, Arianna was an AMAZING helper!!!  She took care of Laci and took her tubing, on the carousel, made snow angels and snowballs with her =)  I’m so lucky that she’s such a great big sister and willing to always help me with her siblings without complaining!

Here she is pulling Laci up the hill and then she would push her down and do it over and over again until Laci wanted to do something else

Then she took Laci to do snow angels

And here she is taking care of Connor so that I could take pictures of Riley and Nick skiing and snowboarding

See what an amazing daughter I have?!  She’s the best big sister and little helper that I could’ve asked for!!!  Here’s Laci making snowballs while Ari held Connor.

After Nick saw Laci making snowballs he wanted to make some too =)

Once Dustin returned all the kids boards and ski’s he was finally able to help take care of Connor.

And here are a couple family pictures before we left Soda Springs………we used a ledge and self timer HAHAHA

Silly faces!

After we were done playing in the snow we headed over to Heavenly to check into our hotel, have dinner and walk around the shops.  One of the places we always go to is Nestle and buy the kids cookies before heading in for the night.  As we were walking around the kids saw a Betty Boop statue and wanted to take a picture LOL

After we got our cookies we headed back to the hotel

The next day before heading home we drove to Emerald Bay to take some pictures and show the kids the beautiful view

It was FREEZING so we didn’t stay long.  Just took a couple pictures then headed back home.  It was a quick trip, but it was nice to get away with just our family even if it was only for a little while.  The kids can’t wait to go back again when Connor is bigger so that we can do more things and stay out longer.


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