Funderland with friends

To start off Spring Break the kids and I met a couple friends at Funderland in Sacramento!  It’s a mini amusement park with rides that are the perfect size for the kids!!!  It’s also right next to Fairytale Town and the Sacramento Zoo!  We only did Funderland though =(  Maybe next time we can do all three if Dustin can get a day off and come with us.  The kids wanted to start off with the Flying Dragon Roller Coaster!  Ari and Nick rode together and Riley rode with another little girl who was by herself.  This is one of my favorite pictures of them on the roller coaster!!!  Nick’s face was part scared/part happy LOL!

Next we did the carousel so that everyone could ride it.  It was also Connor’s 1st time on a carousel!!!  This was one of the fastest carousel’s that I’ve been on!  And it goes around for a pretty long time!!  The kids loved that it went so fast, Connor on the other hand wasn’t too amused =/  He didn’t cry or anything, but he wanted me hugging him tightly the whole time.  But at least he stayed on the horse.

Here’s a semi decent self portrait of Connor and I =)

The girls

And Nick

Next the older kids wanted to ride the Stage Coach.  It was a mini coaster that went really fast forward and then would slow down then start going backwards.  Laci did not want to ride that one either so she hung out with Connor and I.

Kids on the stage coach ride

Laci and Connor waiting for kids to finish their ride

Next they rode the teacups!  As they were loading the workers told them that the green cups spin the fastest so they all ran for that one.  As the ride started they were going very fast!  But then as they passed I saw Laci go from sitting nicely to her tightly hugging Ari =(  She did not like going fast so the kids had to stop spinning it so she wouldn’t cry.  I’m glad they were good enough to hold it still so Laci would be happy instead of continuing to spin it fast!

It was getting close to lunch time so we took  a break from the rides and decided to have some lunch.  I packed some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberries, fruit snacks, cookies and brought all the kids waters.  And Connor had his baby food veggies and his favorite Puffs =)

The kids finished all their food super fast because they wanted to start riding rides again!  Nick had an unlimited ride bracelet so I let him ride on the airplanes while our friends finished their lunch and the girls figured out which rides they wanted to do next.  I LOVE how he always looks for me when he is on rides and waves!  I’m going to miss that as he gets older and doesn’t do that anymore =(

After everyone finished lunch the kids were ready to start doing rides again!  We decided to start slow and the kids did the log ride.
Nick and Riley went first

Then Laci and Ari

Then our friends Kenneth and Jeanine

And as the older kids were riding Dylan was walking around being a cutie =)

Here’s Laci and Kenneth playing while we figure out which ride to go on next

Next we did the carousel again so Dylan could ride on it since she wasn’t there when the kids rode on it.  So Laci and Nick went on it again with her.

Dylan’s 1st time on the carousel (before the ride started)

I don’t think she liked it very much…..LOL (once it started moving)

Then we rode the train so that everyone could ride on a ride together.  Here’s the kids on the train.

After that our friends had to get going, but we hung out for a little longer and the kids rode the roller coasters again.  Then it was Laci’s turn to ride some rides since she was being such a good girl and because she didn’t want to ride the big kids rides.  She rode this under the sea ride.

Then rode the cars with big brother Nick

Then we ended the day with the kids getting snow cones before driving home.  They were all fast asleep in the car as soon as I hit the freeway.  Which to me means that they had a great day =)


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