Connor’s 1st haircut…….

We finally gave Connor his first haircut!!!  I really didn’t want to cut his hair because I knew that once we cut it then he would look like a big boy and not a toddler anymore.  But it kept getting in his eyes and I felt bad for him =(

Getting ready for his haircut and enjoying being in the little car!

Back of his hair!  Do you see how long it is?!  No wonder everyone used to call him a girl

Bye-Bye baby hair =(

Getting his hair sprayed and ready to be cut……getting a little nervous

That was just a little water it wasn’t too bad =)

Getting his hair buzzed………”Mommy what’s that noise?”

And now he decides that he does NOT like getting his haircut =(

And it was all downhill from there =(  I had to stop taking pictures because he was crying so much and reaching out for me.  So I had to hug/hold him while the girl finished up his haircut.  I’m super sad that his hair isn’t baby soft anymore and it’s already rough feeling.  Hopefully we don’t have to cut his hair again for a couple more months!!!

Here are his before and after pictures.  Doesn’t he look older and this was taken in the same day =(


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