Funny school mix-up

Today I got a call from the girls school and it was the principal Mrs. Allen.  She was calling to let me know that she had Riley in her office and said she was crying and wouldn’t go to class.  She asked if I could talk to her and maybe get her to calm down and convince her to head to class.  This didn’t sound at all like Riley and I was worried that something had happened to her after I dropped her off.  So I tried talking to her, but all I could hear in the phone was crying!  I asked if she was ok and if something happened and she said her tummy hurt.  I told her to give the phone back to Mrs. Allen.  I talked to the principal and told her I would run over to try to talk to her since I lived right down the road.

So I get to the school and see Mrs. Allen and ask how Riley is doing, they motion over to her direction and I see a little girl sitting in the corner, but it’s not Riley.  So I ask where she is, and they look at me crazy like I don’t know who my daughter is.  They say, this is Riley and I look at them and say, “Ummmmm, that’s not my Riley”.  Then everyone started laughing!  As soon as Mrs. Allen heard her say her name was Riley, she automatically assumed Riley Siruno and just called me without thinking!  I felt bad for the poor girl, but I was glad that nothing was wrong with my Riley…….LOL


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