Nick’s Angry Bird Party

This year for Nick’s 5th Birthday he chose an Angry Bird theme party because he loves that game!  He invited his friends from his karate class and we also had family over.  Since the pool takes over our entire backyard, we had the party at my sister’s house so the kids could play in the backyard.  I put together a whole bunch of boxes and bought tons of balls, which I stuck angry bird faces on.  Then I let the kids go in the backyard and build with the boxes then knock them down with the balls.  I got so busy during the party that I forgot to take pictures!  Here are the pictures I did mange to take though.

One of the games that I did remember to take pictures of.  I made these cans with printables that I found on Pinterest.  (I’ll search for the link)

Nick’s Angry Bird cake!  Thanks again Lyla for making this awesome cake!!!  Everyone loved it =)

Nick’s Birthday Banner I made!

Favor bags…..I forgot to take a picture of everything inside =(  But I had Angry Bird Poop, M&M’s, Coloring books that I made, crayons, glow sticks and an Angry Bird cookie that they got to chose.

Angry Bird poop I ended up using was Kettle Corn with black and white chocolate.  But I still threw in a bag of M&M’s for the kids 😉

Here are the cookies my friend made.  Thank you April for the cookies!!!  I got so many compliments on them =)

And here are the Angry Bird cupcakes that I made.  I got the tutorial here.

So here are all the sweets!

And here’s the happy birthday boy with his cake!

Blowing his candles

And a picture of him with some of his friends before opening presents

Thank you to everyone that came to help celebrate his birthday with us!!!


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