Laci is 3 Years Old!!!!

Our baby Laci Claire is 3 Years Old!!!!!

Laci loves waffles so for breakfast I made her waffles with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup!  She is one spoiled little girl =)  Then for lunch we went to Chuck E Cheese  cause she wanted to do the same thing Nick did for his birthday. That night we were supposed to have a dinner with family and friends, but since my grandfather passed away the day before we just had family over.  My parents, my siblings and Dustin’s parents came over and we had pizza cake and ice cream.

A friend of ours made this cake for Laci and she LOVED it!!!  Thank you so much Lyla for making the cake!  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect cake!!!  Lalaloopsy is her favorite right now and it was the theme she wanted.

Another friend of ours made these sugar cookies that I used as favors.  Aren’t the CUTEST!!!  She shipped them from Southern CA and they all came unbroken and perfect!  Thank you so much April!!!  The turned out so good and I still have to show you the video of Laci opening the box when the cookies arrived 😉

Laci LOVE LOVE LOVED her cake!!!

Singing Happy Birthday to her……..See how happy she is?!

Everyone got her lots of Lalaloopsy stuff!  And Dustin and I gave her a twin size bed so now she has a big girl bed!!!!  Look how tiny she looks in it!

Thank you Auntie, Uncle David, Luke and Zach for the Lalaloopsy bedsheets.  Thank you Auntie Leslee, Uncle Irwin and Dylan for the Lalaloopsy blanket.  And thank you Auntie Sunny for the Lalaloopsy stuffed doll =)

These are some of her favorite things:

-Color:  Yellow
-Food:  Macaroni and Cheese
-Thing to do: Dance and Sing
-Toy:  Lalaloopsy Dolls
-Ice Cream:  Cookies and Cream
-Restaurant:  Cheesecake Factory


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