Nicholas is 5 years old!!!!

My baby boy is 5 years old!!!!  Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!

For his birthday he said he wanted a chocolate sprinkle doughnut so Daddy woke up extra early and went to Safeway to get fresh doughnuts.  Then for lunch we went to Chuck E Cheese  and let him play all the games he wanted!  I had a coupon for 150 free tokens with the purchase of a large pizza so he had plenty of  tokens to play with!!!  For dinner he wanted Chick-fil-A so we went there and had Cold Stone afterwards.

These are some of his favorite things:

-Color:  Red
-Food:  Bacon
-Sport:  Baseball
-Toy:  Hero Factory Legos
-Ice Cream:  Cookies and Cream
-Restaurant:  Fenton’s

He is also very excited to start t-ball again and loves his Kajukenbo class.  His 1st tournament is next Sat so I will update with that soon =)


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