Meeting Monta Ellis, David Lee and Stephen Curry……..

We scheduled our meeting with them on a Friday after their practice.  We headed out to Downtown Oakland to their practice facility.  When we got there the kids were so excited and couldn’t wait to meet the Warriors.  We entered the building and the kids saw all these past Warriors players on the walls and they thought it was so cool!  We meet with the guy who was in charge of the contest and we hung out until they opened the door to their basketball courts.

Here’s the kids waiting for the doors to open so they could go inside =)

Once they opened the door they let us in to watch them finish up practice.  Nick loved watching them practice and every time he saw a player he knew he would get excited!!!

Some of the guys practicing

Riley, Laci, Nick and I watching them practice

Nick watching them practice

Laci said she was bored waiting for them to finish practice, but she was still watching them =)

My handsome boys in their Warriors gear

Technically we were only supposed to have a meet and greet with Curry, Ellis and Lee.  But as the guys finished practice and headed to the locker room some of them would come say hi to us and the kids.  The first person to come up to us was Andris Biedrins.  He was extremely nice and even took a picture with us!  He is also VERY tall!!

Another person who came over was Klay Thompson.  He was also very nice and let us get a picture with him as well

Monta Ellis!  He was very nice to the kids and he signed Nick and Connor’s basketball cards and a basketball we brought.

David Lee also signed the stuff the kids brought.  He is another very tall guy!  7ft I think

And finally Stephen Curry!  He is the kids favorite player!

Here he is with Riley and her shirt that she made when she did the Warriors dance clinic

And Nick with his favorite player.  And this was also his early birthday present 😉

We had an awesome time meeting the guys and we are so happy that we got to meet them.  The kids can keep these memories with them forever and both boys have Ellis, Curry and Lee’s rookie cards signed by them!  Thank you Warriors for having these cool contests =D


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