Contest to meet the Warriors!!!

We are really big fans of the Golden State Warriors and we follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  I noticed one day that they were having a contest for who can make the most creative “W” while voting for their favorite all-star player online of on the phone.  Dustin and I had this great idea of using the kids to make a “W” and calling the photo “Our starting 5”  Here is the photo that we submitted to the contest:

I got an email saying that we were chosen as one of the top 12 contestants and that they were opening up voting to the public.  The top 3 finalists would get tickets to the next Warriors game and they would have the fans cheer for whomever’s photo they liked the best.  I emailed my family telling them to vote for the kids photos and Dustin posted a link his facebook.  I watched the votes and they started rolling it.  At one point I noticed one of the photos were getting a lot of votes!  And by a lot I mean she had almost 1,000 when everyone else only had 10-20 votes!  Then I noticed another photo was getting up in the 800’s!  And it had only been about 3 hours into the contest!  I was so upset and I knew these people had to be cheating and voting for themselves over and over again!   I emailed the Warriors, the person in charge of the contest and the people who sponsored the voting.  Since voting had already started there was nothing they could really do.  After awhile I figured out how they were doing it and  after talking to Dustin and him convincing me to just do it too, I decided if I can’t beat them then join them.  I seriously sat on my computer for the next 3 days constantly voting for our picture over and over again!  My family all helped out as well when they were home and we got our photo up to 16,316 votes!  THANK YOU AGAIN to my sisters Jacqueline & Katrina, my brother Jaime, my sister in law Ana and my brother in law David for constantly voting the whole weekend!

So Nick, Connor and I went to the Warriors game to try to get people to vote for us.   I had everyone post on their facebooks to have their friends cheer for us if they were attending the game that evening.  I dressed the boys in their Warriors gear, hats and Nick even brought his big foam finger =)  They had the three finalists come down onto the court after 1st quarter.  I told Nick to be as cute as possible and cheer as loud as he could.  We were 3rd in line for being announced and I thought that was a good thing for us!  They announced the 1st contestants and showed their photo and a couple cheered, next they showed the 2nd photo and contestants and more people cheered.  Then it was our turn and everyone cheered!!!!!  Nick was so excited and as we were walking off the court he kept asking me “Did we win?”, “Do I get to meet the Warriors?”

Here we are on the big screen at the game

So we won the contest and we get to meet them soon!!!!


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