Nick’s 1st day of Pre-school

I can’t believe it is already time for my baby boy to go to school!  Kindergarten registration snuck up on us fast and I was registering him before I knew it!  With him already registered for Kindergarten, I decided it was time for him to go to Pre-school.  I signed him up for a Kindergarten Readiness program, which is the same one that I signed up the two older girls for.  It’s only twice a week for 3 hours, but at least it gives him some time away from me.  The one thing I was worried about with him was separation anxiety because he won’t even let me leave him at his Kajukenbo class which is only a hour long!  But the 1st day of school came and when it was time to say good-bye he gave me a hug and started playing with the dinosaurs in the classroom.  When we picked him up he was so happy and excited to tell us about his 1st day and what they did in class and on the playground.

I’m glad that he is enjoying himself and making new friends.  I do miss him so much on those two days he’s at school and I’m thinking maybe this is actually more for me to get used to him being away then it it is for him LOL.  Either way it gets us both ready for when school starts in August =)  For now I look forward to him coming home with his school work and telling me all about the fun day he had at school.

My handsome little man!!!


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