Connor is 6 months old!!!!

Our baby boy Connor is already 6 months old!  I can’t believe how fast these six months have flown by!  He is already half a year old.  He surprises us everyday at how fast he is with getting around the house.  He’s been rolling over since he was 3 months old and now he’s on his way to crawling.  He can’t get up on all fours yet, but he does look like a little inchworm when he is on the floor.  He can also sit up fairly well now, although he still falls over from time to time.  He is by far one of our best kids!  Always happy and smiling, rarely complains and like to sleep!  He is always watching his older brother and sisters wanting to play with them and laughing at everything they do.  His hair is getting very long and I want to cut it, but everyone keeps telling me to wait till he is a year old.  He is now on solid foods and he LOVES his vegetables and dinners, but he isn’t too fond of his fruits.  He is getting a little better at drinking from a sippy cup, but still refuses a bottle =/

We are very thankful and blessed to have our baby Connor and we love watching him grow everyday.


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