The birth of Connor Matthew

On July 19, 2011 I had a routine check-up.  I was 40 weeks along and I had been having contractions on and off every ten minutes for the past 4 weeks =/ I was expecting to be late again like I was when pregnant with Nick and Laci.  So I was expecting to be induced the following week.  I went into my appointment and they asked when I was due, when my OB found out I was due that day they wanted to check if I was dilated.  After they checked me, my OB informed me that I was 5cm dilated and asked if I was having contractions.  I was having them, but they weren’t any different then the ones I was having in the previous weeks.  My OB suggested I head to the hospital in an hour to get checked up on.  So I drove home and let Dustin know that I was 5cm dilated and they wanted us to head to the hospital.  I didn’t think I was going to have the baby that day so I took my time getting my hospital bag ready, eating lunch, playing with the kids and getting ready.  We headed to the hospital and left the kids with my brother and sister.  It was  about two hours after my Dr. appointment when I checked in and they had me change into a gown and re-checked me.  When they re-checked me I found out that I was 8cm dilated!

Finding out that I had to stay
july2 149

Dustin taking pictures of himself cause he’s so excited that we were going to finally find out if we were having a boy or girl
july2 150

The kids in my hospital room watching TV while waiting for their baby brother or baby sister


My siblings waiting for their new niece or nephew


 We decided to call our family and friends to let them know what was going on.  They hooked up my IV and antibiotics and we waited………..waited…………and waited.  I told them that my water bag never broke with my previous four kids and that they would probably have to break it for me.  But they wanted to wait and see if my contractions got closer first and we had to wait for the OB who was at another hospital.  After 3 hours my contractions still were ranging from 5-10 minutes apart so they decided to give me pitocin to speed things up.  After 2 more hours still nothing  =(  That’s when they finally broke my water.  A couple hours later they upped my pitocin because my contractions were still all over the place.

Ari watching my contractions and telling me when one was going to be coming or ending
july2 165

 After they checked me again I was finally 10 cm!!!  We had everyone leave the room so that Dustin and I could find out if it was a boy or girl first then tell the kids.  After 3 pushes our little baby BOY had arrived!!!

Falling in love with my new baby BOY!!!!!!!
july2 334

We are so happy that we get to add another boy to our family


Nick didn’t really want a brother because he wanted to be the only boy, but all the girls wanted another brother.  We told Nick that if he got a brother that he would be able to be the first one to hold him so that he would feel special.  Of course as soon as he found out that it was a boy, he reminded us that he wanted to hold him first.

The first time holding his brother

Ari and Riley love their baby brother

july2 372

And Laci is sooooo excited about her baby brother

july2 517

july2 514

Our first photo as a family of seven!
july2 235

We LOVE our baby boy and we are so happy to have him to complete our family!!!
july2 427


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