Road Trip to Washington!!!

This summer we decided to take a road trip up to WA state.  We had such a great time and the kids did great on the drive there and back!

DAY 1:  JULY 3rd

On the 1st day we headed out around noon and drove straight to Portland, OR.  We didn’t know how well the kids were going to do on the drive so we were trying to split up the 14 hour drive.

Ready for our road trip!

Ari with the doggy she brought

Crazy Riley

Grouchy boy Nicky

Our baby Laci

These pictures of the kids pretty much sums up how they were on the drive.  Everyone did great except for the couple of times that Ari and Laci got sick in the car =(

DAY 2:  JULY 4th

We left Portland, OR early in the morning and headed straight to Dustin’s cousins house for some 4th of July fun!!!  While we waited for it to get dark the kids played games, rode bikes and drew with chalk while the guys BBQ’d us a yummy dinner =)

The kids playing with their cousin Ke’ala and one of the neighbors

Nick and Laci with cousin Ke’ala

The kids playing in the street

My 4th of July babies

And another one with cousin Ke’ala

Watching fireworks with my babies………minus Laci because she already had fallen asleep

DAY 2:  JULY 5th

The next day we took a drive down to Snoqualmie Falls!!!

Our Family at the falls

Baby Laci at the falls =)

After taking all our pictures and enjoying the view of the falls we headed to a picnic area to have some lunch.

Kids table

Adult table

After our picnic we headed to a chocolate factory called Boehms.  The kids were very excited to get some yummy chocolate 😉  Ari got some chocolate caramels, Riley got a huge block of white chocolate and Nick got some chocolate covered raisins.

That night the kids all had a sleepover/movie night upstairs

DAY 3:  JULY 6th

SEATTLE day!!!  We drove down to Seattle for the day and had so much fun!  The 1st thing we did was go on the Duck Tour!  It was so awesome!  We drove around downtown Seattle, saw the Space Needle, Qwest Stadium, Pike’s Place and a million Starbucks’!

Then we went into the water!

Our views from the boat in the water

After the Duck Tour we grabbed some lunch then headed over to Pike’s Place

The kids loved shopping around and seeing all the stuff people were selling

Nick got a dragon

The girls liked looking at all the jewelry

And I even got my Starbucks from the 1st Starbucks store ever!

Next up was the Space Needle!

Riley LOVED being up there!

Our family on top of the Space Needle

Us with The Malunay’s

After that we went to have dinner with the Siongco’s and their friends.  They showed us where they are from too so we got to meet their families as well.

DAY 4:  JULY 7th

We drove up to Oak Harbor this day to visit Dustin’s Aunt and Uncle as well as my cousin who recently moved there.  But to get there we had to pass Deception Bridge so we stopped to take pictures.

On the bridge

View from the bridge

We hiked down a little bit to get a picture with the bridge behind us

We headed to Dustin’s Aunt’s house and we let the kids play in the sprinklers because it was so hot that day.  Then we visited my cousin to see her new place.  We went back to Dustin’s Aunt’s house for dinner and then took the kids to the park to play.

DAY 5:  JULY 8th

We headed home this day and drove straight home without stopping (except to eat & get gas).  It was a very LONG trip home.  We had so much fun in Washington and we can’t wait to go visit again!!!





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