We took a four day trip to Disneyland before our annual passes expired because Dustin and I talked about it and decided that we wouldn’t renew our passes till 2011 because of all the new things that they are building and working on.  It’s going to be so hard NOT to go Disneyland as much as we are used to, but I’d rather wait till everything is done.  We had so much fun on this trip though so hopefully the kids got their fill on Disneyland too 🙂

The 1st day we were they we were supposed to meet up with Auntie Katrina, Uncle David and Luke.  While we waited for them to arrive we went to Fantasyland so the kids could ride all their favorite rides!

First up was the carousel,the kids waiting in line

Daddy and Laci 🙂

Next was Casey Jr.’s train

The Berry Family arrived and we rode Small World with them.  Lukey loved looking at all the little kids singing 🙂

After Small World the kids got Daddy to buy them ice cream like always

Hanging out and eating our ice cream

Trin, Luke, me and Laci on the Jungle Cruise

All the adults plus Ari on Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I stayed with the rest of the kids cause they were all sleeping and Riley didn’t want to ride it.

Around dinner time we headed to California Adventures to have dinner and ride Toy Story!!!

While we were eating dinner Nick played with his light saber.  He’s such a Star Wars boy 🙂

Waiting in line @ the Toy Story ride

Silly Laci & Daddy

They were testing the water for World Of Color!!!

Nick LOVED his room in our hotel!  Usually every time we stay in our hotel we let the kids each take turns getting to pick the room.  Ari has gotten the Princess room and Riley has got the Tinkerbell room so this time it was Nick’s turn to pick.  He decided on the Cars room!  He LOVED it and it was an awesome room!!!

The second day the kids woke up bright and early and they were so READY to head to the park!  And of course we had to take pictures on their letters!!!

“A” for Arianna

“R” for Riley

“N” for Nick

“L” for Laci

Isn’t she just the CUTEST!!!!

Arianna rode Tower of Terror for the first time!!!

Nick with Mr. Incredible

With the evil queen from Snow White

The Berry’s with the Chip and Dale

Our family with Donald

While we were there it was also the time they were holding the Food and Wine Festival.  So while Dustin and David watched the kids, Trin and I went on a little wine tasting.

Taste of Apulia is the one we visited

Then we headed back to Disneyland to have lunch.  When we got there Mickey and Minnie were out taking pictures so the kids made us get in line to see them.



Poor Laci missed them because she was taking her afternoon nap in the stroller 😦

Lukey playing while we eat our lunch

Since we ate lunch at Hungry Bear we decided to ride Splash Mountain and it was Riley’s 1st time on the ride!

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

These two love playing with each other in their stroller

For dinner we made reservations to eat at Goofy’s Kitchen!  We haven’t been there in awhile so we were excited to go again!  On the way we stopped by a store in Downtown Disney to see our favorite fish PUDGE!

Picture with Pluto before getting seated

Inside we saw so many characters!  Laci LOVED it there!!!



Day three we spent most of the day letting the kids go wherever they wanted to go and do.

In the morning we saw Goofy

Mad Hatter, Alice and the Queen of Hearts

Lightning McQueen

Laci figuring out where we will go next

Ready to watch the Bug’s Life show

Buzz Lightyear

Daddy playing with Laci while in line to go into Pixieland



Time to visit Toontown

My strong boy!

On Go Go Gadget’s Coaster!  Ari’s new favorite ride!

Waiting for the parade

The best part about watching the parades in Disneyland is the kids FACES!!!  It’s so full of happiness 🙂

He makes the best faces!!!!

So happy!!!

Mickey loved Laci

Our last day at the Happiest Place On Earth we did everything the kids wanted to do just one more time!  But first was breakfast at Plaza Inn for breakfast with Minnie and Friends!

Laci and Daddy waiting for the park to open

Laci loved wearing her first Princess dress.  I bought this dress when we had our 1st family trip to Disneyland when Ari turned one in 2004, but she never wanted to wear it.  She made us buy Cinderella’s dress instead!  It still had a tag on it too!  But Laci loved it and yellow is her color 🙂

Breakfast with Minnie


Captain Hook (I love Nick’s face here)

Laci kissing Winnie the Pooh

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

After breakfast we went on Matterhorn!

Ari loves this ride!

Riley not so much….

And Nick said he didn’t like it either…….lol  This was the first time he rode it.

Next was the Princess Fantasy Faire

Princess Aurora

Belle loved Laci 🙂

So cute!

Princess Jasmine

Next we decided to watch the Jedi show one more time for Nick

NICK GOT PICKED FOR THE SHOW!!!!  He was beyond excited!!!!

He kept waving to the audience 🙂

But he got impatient waiting for his light saber

Excited he finally got it!

Telling him to aim up high since he’s so short…….LOL

Getting ready to fight Darth Vader


He was the smallest one to participate!

So happy he did it!  Waving again 🙂

Coming back to us after he was done.  He was so proud of himself

Showing us his certifcate

Picture he got from participating

And that was the end of our trip!  We had such a GREAT time and it was one of the funnest times too because the kids are older and they enjoy it so much more!!!!  We can’t wait till everything is done getting built so that we can go back!


2 thoughts on “DISNEYLAND!!!!!

  1. Elizabeth these pictures are awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time. I love how you coordinate your kids’ outfits (LOVE the skirts on the girls!). TOO cute!

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