We LOVE Train Town!!!

The last day of Spring Break the kids wanted to go to Sonoma Train Town.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to head out to Sonoma for the day!  When we got there the train had just pulled up and people were getting on so we decided to wait for the next train so we could get good seats!  While we were waiting we decided to go around and take some pictures 🙂

By the fountain

Ari and Lace



Hanging out in the shade by the rides

Can you tell they LOVE taking pictures…….LOL

Next to the mini trains

I made them pose…..lol  I was getting bored while we waited for the train.  I’m glad my kids love taking pictures or else they would hate me for making them take so many pics of them 🙂

Finally the train came back!  We got the seats in the very front!

Nick and Ari

Riley, me and Laci

Halfway through the train ride they stop at a little petting zoo and mini town.  The kids always make sure to bring quarters to feed the animals and they love playing in all the little buildings!

Riley feeding the goats

Nick feeding the goats too

Ari likes feeding the Llama

They loved playing in the little school house and of course Ari and Riley have to be the teachers 🙂

Riley in the firehouse

All the kids in jail…..hahaha

After the train ride we went on the bigger trains to explore and play on.

My train girl Riley 🙂  This girl has LOVED trains since she was 2 years old!

We then decided to head over to Sonoma Square to have a picnic lunch!

I love having picnics with my babies 🙂

I love this picture of Laci eating her pb&j sandwich 🙂


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