Pixieland w/friends

Today we went to Pixieland with Auntie, Luke and some of our friends.  Pixieland is the perfect place to take the kids for the afternoon!  They only have about 7 rides which is perfect for the kids and they even have a big picnic area where we can sit to have lunch.

Ari on the airplanes

Riley and Nick on the airplanes

Ari and Nick riding the cars

Riley driving her car

Laci didn’t know what to think of the cars at first

But she ended up LOVING it and wanted to use both steering wheels 🙂

Cousin Luke and Auntie

Our friend Bella and her Mommy

They have a dragon roller coaster and Nick really wanted to ride it, but when we were on it he decided he didn’t like it 😦

Then the kids rode the frog hopper.  Nick didn’t like this ride either (Pic from Jen)

Next was the carousel!  Mommy and Laci (Pic from Jen)

Our last ride was the train that goes all around the little pond and park they have outside Pixieland

Laci and Nick

Then we all decided to eat lunch together in the picnic area.  Then for dessert the kids wanted snow cones!  This is their favorite part about this place……lol

The kids with their snow cones (Pic from Jen)

Lace even got her 1st taste of a snow cone 🙂

Thanks for coming with us everyone!  Let’s get together again soon 😀


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