Easter 2010

Since it was raining most of the day on Easter we decided to have the Easter Egg hunt in the house.

Our family room

Living/Dining Room

The kids on the stairs waiting for us to let them hunt for eggs

I tried to get some decent pictures of the kids getting eggs, but they were running everywhere so fast trying to get as many eggs as they could so I didn’t get too many good pictures of them.  But I did get pictures of them with all their eggs!

Riley and her eggs

Nick’s eggs

Ari’s stash

Laci and her eggs

For breakfast we had Easter shaped pancakes.  There were Easter eggs, flowers, butterflies and bunnies.

Riley with her breakfast

We had a small Easter dinner at our place and just invited our families to join us.  While I was getting ready, cooking and cleaning I printed out some Easter coloring pages for the kids to do.

The girls coloring…….notice the rain outside 😦

Nicky coloring too

Easter cupcakes I made 😀

The kids in their Easter outfits

And with their cousin Luke

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter as well 😀


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