Riley’s Half-time performance

To get Riley ready for her dance performance I decorated her shirt a bit to make it prettier 🙂

Close up of the front of her shirt

The back of her shirt.  Her favorite player is Stephan Curry so she wanted me to put this on the back 🙂

To get to the game we decided to take BART and Riley was so excited because she loves trains so this was close enough for her.

Nick loved the BART ride too 🙂

All the kids at the game

Laci LOVED the game!  She was clapping and smiling the whole time 😀

Nick was so excited and he kept looking for his favorite players Stephan Curry and Anthony Morrow.  And every time he saw them he would get so excited!!!

Here comes Riley!!!!!

She was dancing so good!!!

Here’s a video my sister Jacqueline took of Ri!

Here’s Riley after she performed

And this is her favorite player Stephan Curry

After the game Dustin even got to shoot a free throw

Our whole family at the kids 1st Warriors Game

Bringing the kids to this game was such a fun family experience and we will definitely be bringing them back again.  Most likely just Nick and Riley though because Arianna said she liked watching the games on TV better and she said she was too tired.


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