St. Patricks Day

Today was St. Patrick’s day and I was babysitting Luke so I decided to take pictures of him and Laci in their green clothes.

Luke 5 months old


I wanted to get a picture of them together, but Laci was not having it because now that she can walk she just runs away when I want to take her picture 😦

We also went to the girls school to watch their play The Aristocats!

Look at all the students wearing GREEN!

Lukey fell asleep

Laci was bored and wanted to leave and Nick was just sitting back and watching.

For dinner we met up with Auntie Katrina, Uncle David and baby Luke at Fenton’s!  Before heading to Fenton’s I went to Old Navy to buy some stuff and Riley found some St. Patricks Day headbands and decided that she REALLY wanted it.  Since it was 75% off I bought it for her….hahaha

The Berry Family at Fenton’s

Nick and I

Riley and Ari

Trying to get a picture of Luke and Laci again

After dinner we let the kids play outside for a little while

More playing

We had a GREAT day!!!!  Hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day as well 🙂


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