Happy 1st Birthday Laci Claire!!!!!

Laci turned a year old last Wednesday!!!  Since it was her 1st Birthday we wanted to do something special so we decided to take her to The Aquarium Of  The Bay on Pier 39.  We even got in for free because they were having a special day where it was free for Solano County residents 🙂   Laci was enjoying herself so much and she LOVED looking at all the fish!

She was so happy!

The girls checking out the Jellyfish

Laci and Mommy

The kids and I when we were going through the tunnels.  They had two tunnels, the first one was mostly fish and animals found in shallow waters and the second tunnel was fish and sharks that were found in deeper waters.

This was a little dome that was on the bottom of one of the aquariums so the kids went under it 🙂

After going through the tunnels we headed upstairs to the tide pools where you could touch bat rays and starfish.  The kids were a little afraid to touch the bat rays, but the girls LOVED touching the starfish.

Dustin and the kids trying to pet a bat ray

Riley petting one 🙂

Dustin trying to get Nick to touch it, but Nick didn’t want to at all!

The girls LOVED the starfish!

Nick liked looking at the animals in glass better……lol

Here he is with a turtle

Laci’s favorite animal was the Chinchilla!  She was so into it 🙂

Showing her Daddy the Chinchilla.  I love her little finger pointing it out!!!

Then she sees me

Of course we had to take her picture near the Chinchilla sign

And every animal we saw Arianna read us all the facts about it, what it ate and where it lived.  It was like we had our own little tour guide!

The kids checking out some bees

Nicky with a whale hat he wanted 🙂  But as soon as I took the picture he took it off and put it away.

Once we were done with the whole aquarium the kids were getting hungry so we headed to Bubba Gumps for lunch.  And since it was Ash Wednesday it was perfect since we couldn’t eat meat 😉

Laci being a big girl and drinking milk

When we were done eating we told the waitress that we were celebrating Nick and Laci’s birthday’s so they brought ice cream out for the two of them.

Nick with his ice cream

Laci watching them sing Happy Birthday to her

Since it was the day of her birthday I let her have some ice cream

She LOVED it and was soooooo upset when I wouldn’t give her anymore 😦

After lunch we went to see the sea lions

Then the kids got their desserts.

Ari got a nutella and banana crepe

And Riley and Nick got their favorite donuts cause they are buddies

Laci hanging out in the stroller while the other kids ate their desserts

When everyone was done eating we headed home so everyone could take a nap before heading to mass for Ash Wednesday.  We had such a GREAT time celebrating Laci’s 1st birthday and I still can’t believe that she is a year old already!


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