Nicholas’ 3rd Birthday

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve had my baby boy!!!  He has grown up so fast and he makes me laugh and smile EVERYDAY!!!  For his birthday this year he wanted to have a Transformers party.  Mainly Bumblebee since that is his favorite 🙂

His invites

My baby boy and all his Bumblebee decorations

Balloons he got from Auntie

Coloring books & crayons for all the kids

More favors

Close-up of the Hershey’s chocolate bars

Since my cousin usually makes the kids cakes and she moved to Washington I had to attempt to make a cake for the 1st time!  I think it turned out pretty good for my 1st time.

Here’s the front view

The side view (it’s supposed to be the autobots symbol)

Singing Happy Birthday to Nick

Blowing out his candles

Nick LOVED the chocolate cake I made 🙂

After having cake, he opened his presents

He got LOTS of new Transformer toys to play with

Thank you so much to those that were able to make it!!!  Nick had a great time and all day he kept saying “Thank you Mommy”  when I asked why he would say “For my Bumblee party and my cake”.  Sigh………I LOVE HIM!!!!!!


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