Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning is my favorite part of Christmas!  The excitement and look on the kids faces when they wake up is priceless 🙂

Here they are waiting for us to let them come down the stairs to open their presents and see what Santa brought them.  Don’t they look cute in their Christmas jammies 😉

The presents that are waiting for them

The kids checking out their stuff

The kids with their Santa presents

Nick was very excited

Riley being cute

Arianna wanted to open it already

And Laci wasn’t feeling too good cause she woke up with a fever 😦

Santa got them all plasma cars in their favorite colors!

Here are the kids with their stockings and their presents from us and their brother and sisters.

Laci opened her presents first since she was not feeling too well and had to take her nap.

She liked her presents 🙂

Nick went next and he always made this face when he ripped his presents open…

He got Spike

Riley was opening her presents from Ari and it had a note with it.  It was the cutest and sweetest little letter EVER!!!!!

Hugging her sister after reading her letter 🙂

Arianna opening her presents

They saved Daddy and Mommy’s presents for last

Daddy got them netbooks!

Nick playing around with Spike

After we were all done opening presents with our family, Dustin parents came over to give the kids their presents and to have breakfast.  When Laci woke up from her nap she opened her gifts from Grandma and Grandpa.

Dustin’s Dad made Laci a shelf for her room

Then she played with the walker/shopping cart that Dustin and I got her

And she liked it 😀

After church my family came over and we opened presents with them all.

Here’s a preview of just how many presents there were from my parents, brothers and sisters.  And this wasn’t even all of them it was only one side of the room!

Laci in her My 1st Christmas shirt 🙂

After we finished opening all our presents we got ready for one last Christmas party at my parents house again which was for my Dad’s side of the family 🙂

We had a GREAT Christmas and the kids got SO SPOILED!!!!!  I can’t wait to see how Laci will be next year when she knows more about what’s going on 🙂


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