Christmas Eve

This was Laci’s 1st Christmas and so of course I was VERY excited for her.  She wasn’t really into opening her presents, but at least she looked cute 😉

I think she thought she looked cute too 🙂

Our first party of the day was my Mom’s side the family.  It was at my parents house so it was just down the street.  Dustin was working so the kids and I went ahead and waited for him there.

The kids and I at my parent’s house

We only got to stay for a little while because when Dustin got to the house we had to leave to go to his parents house for their Christmas Eve party in Vacaville.  But before we left we got one picture with Lolo (my grandfather)

Every year at Dustin’s parents house they have a “Santa” that brings each child one present.  So here are the kids with “Santa”.





Even Dustin got a gift from Santa 😉

They all got new Christmas jammies from Santa which they get every year to wear home since they always fall asleep in the car.  That way they are ready for Santa and they all look cute on Christmas morning.

The kids also got their presents from Uncle Irwin and Auntie Leslee that night since they were leaving for WA early the next morning.

Nick LOVED his gift!!!

The girls got rain boots!  Which they wear to school everyday it rains or even if it looks like it’s going to rain.  They LOVE being able to splash in puddles without getting in trouble…..LOL.

After hanging out, eating and opening their presents we headed home to get the kids in bed and ready for Christmas Day!!!


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