Auntie Kelsy’s visit!!!

Dustin’s sister came to visit from Hawaii to celebrate Nick’s 3rd birthday and Laci’s 1st birthday with us!  The kids were SOOO HAPPY to have her here and they LOVED going downstairs every morning to wait for her to come out of the guestroom…….lol

She arrived Thursday night, but all the kids were already in bed.  So we just hung out, talked and she helped me make Nick’s favor boxes for the parties we were having that weekend.  The next morning the kids were so excited to see her when they came downstairs! The girls had school, but they were excited to have movie night later on that evening.

Eating Chipotle (since they don’t have that in Hawaii and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 2)

After the movie the kids got ready for bed and they all had a slumber party upstairs in the playroom.

The next day we had a joint party for Nick and Laci with my side of the family.  Kelsy spent the evening with her parents to visit some of her friends.  Here’s her and Riley before she left though

The following day was Valentine’s Day and another joint party for the kids, but with Dustin’s family this time.  I will post pictures from that party in another post 🙂  While we were getting everything ready for the party, the kids went out with Grandpa and Auntie Kelsy to ride their plasma cars.

Racing back home 🙂

Monday the kids didn’t have school so Dustin’s parents surprised the kids with tickets to Disney On Ice!!!!  We all woke up early to head out to Arco Arena for the show.  But first we had to stop by Sonic’s which is new in Vacaville.  Also another place that isn’t in Hawaii.

Before the show started they had a Princess pre-show where you could see the Princesses so we went to see what it was all about.  They had Princess Ariel’s dress which is Arianna’s favortie Princess.

Belle’s dress which is what I had Laci dressed in 🙂

And Snow White’s dress which is Riley’s favorite Princess

Princess Tiana was also there, although you couldn’t take pictures with her, just see her.  But I managed to get all the girls looking while Princess Tiana was in the background 😉

Then we decided to head down to find our seats.  Grandpa and Grandma got us GREAT seats and the kids were so excited for the show to start.

Nick with all his CARS gear on 😀

The girls with Auntie Kelsy, Grandma and Grandpa

Auntie Kelsy and Laci waiting for the show to start

The show is finally on!!!  Nick kept asking when the CARS were coming

His favorite part

Lightning McQueen!

Some of the other cars

Riley was excited and kept taking pictures with her camera

Lion King

Arianna’s expressions were the best during the show!  She always looked so happy the entire time 🙂

Her favorite Princess Ariel

Halfway through Laci started getting restless, but I gave her a cookie and she was happy again……lol  And doesn’t she look ADORABLE in her Belle dress 😀

Another classic Ari face 🙂

And Riley had no expressions :/ (See Ari in the back all excited again)

After the intermission the last half of the show was Tinkerbell.

I don’t have too many pictures of the last half because I was holding Nick and Riley in my lap because they were getting tired.

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!  The kids had a great time!!!  They LOVED the show and so did I 😉

That evening Dustin and I took advantage of having a babysitter and left the kids with Auntie Kelsy and Grandpa & Grandma.  We went out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris with my sister, brother in law, Dustin best friend and his wife.

Auntie Kelsy trying to put Laci to sleep.

Laci usually takes awhile to warm up to people and is very clingy to me!  But the 1st morning Kelsy was at the house, Laci crawled right up to her and started playing with her.  That’s how I knew it was okay to leave her so we could go out to dinner.

Tuesday was Kelsy’s last full day with us so I emailed the girls teachers and asked if it would be okay if they missed school.  Of course the teachers said it was fine because they both are the top in their class.  So we took them to the Oakland Zoo.  They were very excited because it was going to be Laci’s 1st visit to the zoo!!!  It was a beautiful day at the zoo and we saw:






And a TON of other animals!  Laci would get so excited whenever she saw the animals 🙂

And she liked playing in the kids area

Nick liked looking at the bats and kept saying they were his friends because he was wearing his Batman shirt that day 🙂

They played a little more in the kids area with Auntie Kelsy


By the time we got to the Monkeys Nick was getting tired

We didn’t get to ride any rides though because Laci had a Dr. appointment at 4pm and I wanted her to get a nap in before so she wouldn’t be too grouchy since I knew she was going to be getting shots.  We did take one more picture before we left the zoo though.

Everyone except for me and Nick

That night we had one last dinner at Olive Garden then Kelsy left early the next morning.  We had such a great time with you here!  Hopefully we be able to visit you soon, or you and Brandon can come visit again!!!   The kids miss you A LOT!!!


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