Photo Frame Stocking Holders

The kids LOVE doing crafts so I’ve been looking for different Christmas crafts for them to do while they are on Christmas break and I found these DIY photo frame stocking holders from The Tomkat Studio’s blog.  I bought some frames from Michaels, paint and we were ready to start.

Nick is ready!

And so are the girls

Nick picked red and started working hard on his

Riley chose white

And Ari did green her favorite color

My hard working babies 🙂

Nick say “I’m DONE” so I had to finish painting his corners

Riley is done too

So is Ari

After we let them dry we painted a second layer of color over it so the colors would be brighter.  When the second coat of paint was dry I took one of the lids from Laci’s baby food and traced circles on all the frames.  Then I outlined all the circles with the color paint they were going to use and I let them paint in the circles.

Riley is almost done with hers.  She did a GREAT job and only went out of the lines a couple times.

Arianna was working really hard on hers so she won’t mess up

Nick didn’t want to paint his circles so I did it for him

Riley all done with hers

Arianna’s is done too

All the frames are done!

Now I just need to go to Home Depot and by some wood to screw on the bottom of the frames as a base.  Then I will attach a hook on each wood base, print out pictures of each kid and then they will be done!!!!  I’ll post a picture as soon as I finish attaching the bases and printing the pictures.


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