Snow Day!!!

A friend of mine shared with us that there was going to be snow and activities being held in downtown Martinez.  A couple of us decided it would be fun to take our kids.  They had a little snow area for the kids to play in, sledding, face painting, tattoos, ice skating, cookie decorating and more!  The first thing we did when we got there was buy tickets to go sledding and the kids were so excited to see snow!!!  The first time they went down it wasn’t a very good run because there was a bump in the middle which made them spin out, fall over, of flip over.  After that they weren’t too excited about the snow anymore 😦

I decided to take the kids around to the other activities.  First was face painting which was free!  Riley and Nick got a snowman and Arianna got a Christmas tree 🙂

Next was nail painting which was free also!  The girls of course LOVED it!

Nick was in line also because he wanted a tattoo which was at the same table.  Dustin didn’t know there were tattoos there and told him to get out of line because it was only for girls.  So Nick got upset and was pretty grouchy and mad at Dustin for awhile.

Showing me his tattoo and he’s still mad at his Daddy

Next was cookie decorating and it was $1 per cookie.  The kids love frosting and sprinkles so they had to do this also.

The girls decorating their cookies

Nick decorating his cookie

The kids with their decorated cookies

They still didn’t want to go sledding so we brought them to the snow play area.  It was for kids 5 and under so Ari couldn’t play in it, but Riley and Nick did.

Trying to balance because it was slippery

Riley getting snow so she could make a snow ball.

Trying to decide if he likes the snow

I think he likes it 😀

Before we left we made the kids try sledding one more time since we had already bought the tickets.  First was Arianna who was very hesitant on doing it again because the first time she flipped over and she was not happy at all 😦

She was going very fast and I think she was nervous that she was going to fall again.

Riley was next and was excited

She LOVED it!

She was going so fast that they tried to stop her so she wouldn’t crash so hard into the end barrier.

Nick was nervous too because the first time he went down with Dustin and this time he went alone.

He went down really fast as well 🙂

But I think he liked it!

The kids had so much fun and I wish we could take them to Tahoe!  Thanks again to Michelle for inviting us and it was great to see everyone, but I wish we could have chatted more 🙂


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