Riley’s 5th Birthday at Disneyland!!!!

FYI photo overload below……..hahaha

We surprised Riley with a trip to Disneyland for her birthday!!!  She’s been such a good girl and she’s a HUGE Daddy’s girl so he REALLY wanted to take her for her birthday.  The day of her birthday we left at 4am so that the kids could sleep in the car.  We stopped at Kettleman City like always and had breakfast at McDonalds then filled up with gas.  The second half of our driving all the kids slept so it was an easy drive.  As soon as we got there we checked into our hotel and our room was ready!  We stayed at the Fairfield Inn and got one of their new theme rooms.  It was Tinkerbell themed for Riley 🙂  After Dustin brought all our things up to the room we headed to Disneyland.  Since we have season passes we went to customer service so that Riley could get her Disneyland giftcard 🙂  She was so excited to go shopping with it and get her birthday button.

The big 5 year old birthday girl!

Nick and Riley………they are buddies.  We were waiting for Dustin and Ari to get off Splash Mountain and they were being cute so I decided to take pictures of them…

We went to Fantasyland and rode all the kiddie rides.  Laci even rode the carousel for the 1st time!  She was soooo cute and funny.  She was holding on tight when it first started, but after awhile she was smiling 🙂

Then we just rode all the kiddie rides and hung out eating lunch and enjoying our day.  We watched the Christmas parade and they kids LOVED it.  Then we decided to eat dinner at Plaza Inn which was SUPER YUMMY!!!  After eating dinner we went back on Main St. to pick our spot to watch the Christmas fireworks.

My girls waiting for the parade to start

The birthday girl and Mommy

Ari dancing to the Christmas music while waiting for the fireworks

Dustin and the Daddy’s girl being silly while waiting for fireworks

Riley sitting on her Daddy’s shoulders watching the fireworks

Riley LOVED all the snow after the fireworks!

The kids LOVED the snow!  It was the best to see their reactions and just how happy they were!!!

The best Husband and Father who does everything in his power to make his family happy and me 🙂

When we got back to the hotel our little birthday girl was knocked out in her Tinkerbell room 🙂

The next day was a day to spend at California Adventures.  The 1st thing we did was take pictures with the kids and their letters.  I’ve been doing this with all of them since their 1st visit to see how much they grow every year……Or every couple of months…..LOL.


Riley Anne

Nicholas Aiden

and Laci Claire with her cute chubby face 🙂

The older kids

Inside we saw a ton of Characters and the kids wanted to take pictures with everyone!

After taking pictures with all the characters we went to The Backlot.  We watched The Playhouse Disney show, rode Monsters Inc and went to the Animation Studio to see  Crush the turtle.

A Bug’s Land was our next destination!  The kids rode all the rides and had so much fun!

Nick and Daddy riding the bumper cars

Laci waiting since she couldn’t ride some of the rides

Then we went to see Santa Claus by Paradise Pier

The kids rode a couple more rides over there.  They even got to ride Toy Story twice!  The 1st time they went on they only waited 20 min, but during the ride Nick’s gun wasn’t working so when they got off they let them ride it again without waiting in line.  The kids were really happy about that 🙂  Since we finished everything at California Adventures early we went back to Disneyland to ride the rides in Fantasyland again.

Us in front of the castle

And of course Dustin had to buy the kids their favorite ice creams 🙂

For dinner we headed over to Downtown Disney to meet Dustin’s cousin Collins at The Rainforest Cafe.  The kids loved it there, especially with all the animals.

Dustin and Collins

They even sang Happy Birthday to Riley and gave her an ice cream sundae 🙂

Blowing out her candles

I think she likes it 😉

Our last day at Disneyland we headed over to Plaza Inn for their character breakfast.  Since this year at Disneyland everyone gets in for free on their birthday and we have season passes Riley got a gift card for $62.  I told her she could buy whatever she wanted and she picked a Minnie Mouse dress, Minnie ears, a Snow White pen and she bought Ari an Ariel pen.

Here she is in her outfit she picked 😀

Every time we go to Disneyland we HAVE to eat at Plaza Inn’s breakfast!  It is sooooo good and the kids LOVE seeing the characters.

Riley with Minnie

Our girls with the Fairy Godmother

Dale and Nick

Daddy Nick and Hook

After breakfast we made our way over to the Princess Fantasy Faire.  The line wasn’t too bad compared to normal and I think we only waited about 45 min.  Inside we saw……



And Mulan

We let them ride on all the other rides there one more time before we had to go.  We even saw Aladdin, but Riley was the only one who wanted to take a picture with him.

When they were done with all the rides at Disneyland we went to California Adventures to do everything there one more time as well.  Of course they rode Toy Story and the rides on the boardwalk, Monsters Inc and A Bug’s Land.

Before leaving we stopped by to see Lightning McQueen and Mater

Despite me having the flu and running a fever the entire time we were there, the kids had a blast which made it worth it.  They talk about it all the time and keep asking when we are going back.  Our passes expire at the end of April so if anyone is planning on going let us know so we can come too 😉  All the new things happening in the park won’t be open till 2011 so we are going to hold off on renewing them until everything is finished.  But we are planning on going in Feb for Laci’s 1st birthday and Nick’s 3rd birthday and we’d LOVE to have some company 😀


3 thoughts on “Riley’s 5th Birthday at Disneyland!!!!

  1. Elizabeth! You all look like you had a great time! When did you guys go? We just got back… and we renewed our passes too so we’re heading down for Jonah’s birthday in February too! When are you guys going? It would be fun for Jonah and Nick to meet and hang out, don’t you think? email me! 🙂

  2. I wanna go! I told Alex that I felt like I was having Disneyland withdrawals, lol. My birthday is in February too! Such a great month for birthdays, lol. Alex just needs to somehow get money for a 3 day park hopper and we could totally go (My pass doesn’t expire till July).

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