At the girls school they had something called Trunk-or-Treat.  They take parent volunteers and let them into the playground.  Each family then decorates the back of the cars/vans/trucks.  While the parents are doing this the kids had a movie night inside the multipurpose room.  This was my 1st time and I was pretty excited, but little did I know that some of these parents go ALL OUT!  When we pulled into the playground about half of the volunteers were already there decorating!  Some had tents, tarps, lights, tables and power generators!  I felt like mine was going to be horrible compared to everyone elses.  I called my sister Jacqueline to bring some more Halloween decorations from my house.  Then I called my younger brother Joston to bring me these rat things to use also.  Luckily not everyone went all out and I didn’t feel that much out of place after all.

Here is what the back of my van looked like.  I had black and orange streamers, a Happy Halloween banner, a hanging skeleton, spider webs, battery operated pumpkins and other little things.

our van

Here is the older kids ready to go from car to car.  Ari is The Queen of Hearts, Riley is Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Nick is Bumblebee from Transformers.  Laci hung out at the van with everyone else.


And here are some other families that did Trunk-or-Treat

This one was two families that parked next to each other and did theirs together.  They had music, a boy playing his electric guitar and a whole bunch of other stuff.


This was a real hurst and coffin!  It was pretty creepy!


Another one


There were a lot of other good ones!  But the pictures didn’t turn out too well.  I will get better pictures of them next year.  And I will be more prepared next year…….LOL


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