Sorry I’m so behind!

Sorry for lagging on these posts, but I’ve been soooo busy with the girls being in school.  Then Nick, Dustin and Ari got the swine flu.  Then I was busy planning our 3rd annual Halloween party and now Ari is sick again :/  Hopefully she won’t pass her sickness to the other kids so i can have some time to catch up with this blogging!

And something new that is going to be happening to this blog is that Arianna is going to write posts as well from now on whenever she feels like writing.  She has a journal that she always writes in so I asked her if she wanted to write in our family blog as well and she got really excited about it.  Also I won’t be editing her posts so some of her words will probably be misspelled since she sounds everything out and usually doesn’t ask for help.  I hope you will enjoy the new addition by her 😀


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