Pumpkin carving and decorating!

This year I was very brave and let the kids carve their own pumpkins!  It was very scary and I was praying they wouldn’t cut themselves the whole time.  I only took pictures when they started because I was watching them very closely while they were carving.  But I was very proud of them because they did such a GREAT job!!!

At the beginning of the month I let them decorate the pumpkins with these things I bought at Michael’s so we could put them out without having to carve them yet.  So here are they before they started carving them.

Nick made a pirate pumpkin


Riley made a cat


And Ari made a cat also


Then the carving began.  At first the girls didn’t like scooping the stuff out.  But towards the end Riley loved it….hahaha.  Nick on the other hand wouldn’t even touch the stuff or put his hand inside.


Hahahahahaha……their faces are sooo funny!


Riley drew and cut her pumpkin all by herself.  The only thing I helped her do was the pumpkins mouth.  She did such an awesome job and I was so proud of her!!!


Arianna decided to do a Haunted Mansion even though I told her it was going to be difficult.  But she did a great job as well!  I did all the windows and the door because it was small and she did everything else!


And here is Nick still working on cutting the top part of his pumpkin off…..LOL.  And every time he is concentrating on something, his tongue always comes out 😀


Here is the finished pumpkins with all the kids


Nick’s which I ended up carving


Arianna and her Haunted Mansion


Riley and her Jack-O-Lantern


And Laci who liked playing with the pumpkins 🙂



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