My field trip with Mommy

Today i went on a field trip with my mommy.  We went to a play.  Daddy stayed home with Riley, Nicky and Laci.  We saw Brave Irene.  The play was long.  I still liked it.  The play was about a little girl and her mom.  Her mom was a dress maker. Her Mom felt sick so Irene said she would diliver the dress.  The wind said Irene Go Home!  And then the wind said Its Time For The Show!  And then the dress floue out of the box.  Now she had an emtey box.  Now how could she get to the palece and give the duches the dress?  Finily she made it to the palece and there was the dress hugging the trees trunck.  She got the dress and put it in the box and diliverd it to the duches.  They letted her stay over all night intill morning.  They letted her ride in there sligh back home.  And then when she woke up she saw her mother that smelled like baked bread again.

Here are some pictures mommy took from my field trip

Mommy and me on the bus


Waiting in line to get into the play


Before the play started sitting with Mikayla


My class



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