Indroducing Luke…..

My nephew is FINALLY here!  My sister was 10 days past her due date and had a pretty hard labor which ended in an emergency c-section.  But Luke is here and he is healthy and my sister is doing good also!  I was there for about 5 hours waiting for him to be born, but had to go home because the kids were getting tired of being in the waiting room.  I went home feed them dinner, put them to bed and waited till Dustin got home so I could go back to the hospital.  By then I heard they were taking her to do a c-section since she wasn’t dilating past 5 cm.  Right as I got in the elevator he was born 😦  I missed him being born, but I got to see him when they first brought him into the room and took lots of pictures for my sister who was still in the OR.  He is perfect and big and I love him!!!!!

Luke Aaron Roses B.

8lbs 15ozs

22 1/2 inches

p 005

Here he is without his beanie on.  He has lots of hair and my sister’s eyes.

p 030

Their beautiful family

berry fam

Yay!  I’m finally an Auntie 🙂

auntie beth

Nick finally has another boy to play with!


Laci and Luke……they will be going to school together 🙂


CONGRATS Trin and David!  You made an absolutely beautiful baby boy and we are so happy that he is now part of our family!  Enjoy him while you can because he will be grown before you know it.  We LOVE you guys!!!!!


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