Halloween at school

Since Halloween was on a Saturday the girls got to dress up in their Halloween costumes on Friday.  Only the Kindergartners and First graders were allowed to dress up in their costumes so the girls were very excited about that.  At the beginning of the day the first graders got to visit every class room to show off their costumes and had a parade in the amphitheater for the parents.

Here is Arianna with some of her classmates as they wait for the bell to ring


In the afternoon the Kindergartners got to visit all the classrooms and have a parade as well.

Here is Riley with her teacher


This is when her class visited Arianna’s class.  I love this picture because Ari is so happy to see and show off her sister 🙂


Then Nick saw Ari and ran to her to give her a hug so I took a picture of them 😀



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