3rd Annual Halloween Party

This year was our 3rd annual Halloween party!  I let each of the girls invite a couple friends from school so that they could all go Trick-or-Treating together after they had dinner.

Here are the favor bags that I made the kids


I made yummy chocolate cupcakes and cupcake toppers!  My cousin Jassy decorated them for me because she makes things pretty 🙂


I tried to make all the food Halloween related with Halloween themed names.

We had fruit punch which I named Dragon’s Blood


Rice Krispys in the shape of cats and pumpkins


Chicken Strips that I called Bloody Fingers


Chicken Wings which were Bat Wings


Sweet and Sour meatballs were Eyeballs


Meatloaf and mashed potatoes were Brains


Deviled Eggs my younger sister made.  They were supposed to be called Intestines


We also had rice which was called maggots, but I forgot to take a picture of it 😦

After all the kids had dinner we headed out to go Trick-or-Treating.  We only went down about two blocks then the kids were tired and wanted to go back home to play with their friends.  I think they had more fun answering the door and passing out candy….LOL.

All the girls in costume

Jesse, Queen of Hearts, Snow White, Dancing with the Stars dancer, White Rabbit and Dora & Boots


The Boys

Grumpy, Diego, Mad Hatter, Dancing with the Stars dancer, Buzz Lightyear and Jaime was a Beatles guy 🙂


The couples


Thanks everyone for coming to our Halloween party!  We hope you all had a GREAT time and we will see you again next year 🙂




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